Thursday, March 20, 2008

H. W. Phillips

H. W. Phillips caricatures were published in the back of Godey's Magazine throughout 1897. He is remembered today as the author of Fables for the Times, illustrated by T. S. Sullivant, and published by R. H. Russel & Son in New York in 1896. He was well known in his time as an illustrator of animal cartoons. The cartoon at top shows the rooster using a variant of a phrase often used in the Katzenjammer Kids comic strip, "Dod-gast it."

Bottom is an article from Godey's February 1894 issue in a regular column, "Our Boys," which gives instructions for making a telephone. I'm mechanically incompetent so if any reader tries this at home please use the comments section to let me know how things worked out.

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