Thursday, September 18, 2008

Harry Warner, Jr. (1922-2003)

Two essential histories of science fiction fandom by Harry Warner, Jr. with brief looks at other fandoms such as those devoted to comics, deros, Conan and Burroughs. All Our Yesterdays an informal history of science fiction fandom in the forties was published by Advent Publishers, Inc. ,Chicago, 1969.

A Wealth of Fable (the History of Science Fiction Fandom in the 1950's) appeared in three volumes in 1976/1977 and covers the fifties period. New York publisher was Fanhistorica Press. With the help of Harry Warner, Jr's books and some research of my own I have posted a brief history of Canadian science fiction fanzines on Punch in Canada.

A Wealth of Fable was re-issued in 2001 by NESFA Press with a cover by prolific cartoonist Steve Stiles. Steve's first fanzine contributions were for Concept by Larry Ivie, SATA by Adkins and Pearson, and a Seattle fanzine called Cry of the Nameless, produced by F. M. and Elinor Busby. You can visit his informative website HERE to view his fanzine and professional galleries. I like Steve's humorous work, it reminds me somehow of the old Archie's Madhouse comic books.

And don't you just love that Sirois picture below? Warner's book has the inside dope on the beanie-wearing Metrofen.

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