Friday, November 14, 2008

Charles Peace VI

As soon as Charles Peace was arrested for the Bannercross murder, George Purkess Jr., proprietor of the Illustrated Police News, published a sixteen page pamphlet titled The Life and Examination of Charles Peace Charged with The Bannercross Murder Containing his Correct Portrait, with Eight other Illustrations. Cost was one penny. On February 8, 1879. A portrait of Charles Peace being executed was announced just before his date with the Hangman. On March 1, 1879 Charles Peace; or, the Adventures of a Notorious Burglar, by a Popular Author began publishing, ending two years later with 100 penny weekly numbers. No. 1 was presented gratis with No. 2 in a beautifully coloured wrapper. In December 1900 this publication could still be ordered from newsstands, or from the Illustrated Police News offices on Wych-street, in a bound volume or individual penny numbers.

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