Monday, March 14, 2011

Century Illustrated

The Century Illustrated Magazine for January 1909 contained a number of excellent illustrators from the Golden Age. Frank E. Schoonover and N. C. Wyeth were both pupils of Howard Pyle. This painting illustrated a Metis dance on the Red River. At this period Canada, as the last frontier, was a popular background for fiction and silent movies. Hal Foster (Tarzan, Prince Valiant) claimed Arrow Shirt man Joseph Christian Leyendecker as an influence on his artwork. Paul Bransom drew one of the popular "Bugville" cartoons for the newspapers. Walter J. Biggs was a contributor to St. Nicholas and many of the other magazines of the day.

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  1. This magazine is a goldmine of illustration (and period photography, too). I only have a few issues...even the now-forgotten artists were excellent: Charles E. Chambers, Walter Everett, John Rae, Ernext Peixotto, etc. etc. etc.