Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Edward L. Wheeler (1854?-1885) Part II

Our friend Mike Saavedra shot the photos below in Deadwood, South Dakota in the Spring of 2007. The Hotel sits above the Deadwood Dick Saloon. The third photo was taken “nearly on the spot that Stanley J. Morrow stood on to take his classic 1876 photo (note notch in the treeline on the bluff.) The hotel at left center is now on the location of Saloon # 10, where Jack McCall shot Wild Bill Hickok. The present-day Saloon # 10 is across the street and a block away. It is the only museum I've ever been in that features a full saloon/dance hall/casino. (The Hickok headstone is alas a replica -- souvenir hunters whittled away the original.)”

Edward L. Wheeler Part I HERE.

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