Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cleave's Comic Art of the Forties

 Cleave's Penny Gazette of Variety and Amusement, 21 Mar 1840, 2 Jan 1841, 20 Feb 1841, 6 Aug 1842, 1 April 1843, 9 Sept 1843, 10 Feb 1844, and Aug 1842. Compare The House that Jack Built with the original HERE.

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  1. Nice to see some rare examples of C.J. Grant's later work as a political satirist.

    It's usually assumed that Grant's work went off the boil a little during the late 1830s but some of the images in the 'Church and State Valentine's Extraordinary' appear to be every bit as good as the stuff he was producing in the early 30s. Also interesting to see Grant self-referencing his own earlier work and that of Cruikshank in these prints.

    Great post - thanks!