Thursday, April 26, 2012

“Old Doctor McCardell”

A classic article subtitled: ‘Something about the man who won the $10,000 scenario-writing prize,’ in Green Book Magazine, July 1915, pp.161-163.
“In 1891, the present writer, then on the World’s staff, suggested to Ballard Smith, the managing editor, that as the American public worried mostly about being amused, it might be well to try the effect on them of a comic colored supplement to the Sunday paper; but it was not until three years later that a color-press was produced that would print and “register” properly – print  the different colors in the places where they should be printed, and not in the tomato-omelet style of the Recorder and the Chicago papers.” – Roy L. McCardell, in Everybody’s Magazine, 1905, p.763

See also: Opper, Outcault and Company. The Comic Supplement and the Men who Make It, by Roy L. McCardell HERE.

R.F. Outcault’s Buster Brown in the Developing Room

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