Monday, January 28, 2013

The Circulation of Newspapers

Illustration by William Boucher, 1879
Here is a rare and useful clipping of circulation figures (accuracy not guaranteed) for British periodicals published September 26, 1889, including comic journals. I don’t recall which newspaper the list was published in. The second clipping on Harmsworth’s periodicals is from the Pall Mall Gazette published May 24, 1892. For American circulation figures see my previous post American Comic Journal Circulation HERE.


  1. What a remarkable source this list of circulations is! Together with the estimates in: A. Ellegård, ‘The Readership of the Periodical Press in Mid-Victorian Britain’, in Victorian Periodicals Newsletter, No. 3, September, 1971, pp.3-22, this sheds much light on the Victorian Press. Interesting that 'Punch' is not listed....

  2. I knew it would come in handy, Richard. As to Punch - never noticed that! Thanks.