Sunday, October 20, 2013

Frans Masereel (1889-1972)

[1] The City, 1925, FM.

THE FAMOUS Belgian wood-engraver, Frans MASEREEL, is revealed as a painter of uncommon ability in his solo exhibition AT THE PERLS GALLERIES. His early watercolors are comparable, in their strength and impelling force, to those of GEORGE BELLOWS at his best … this man, Masereel, is a great artist. The average sociologist would require at least 50,000 words to express what Masereel does in a few eloquent WOODCUT LINES. Born in Belgium, raised in Paris, and, one might say, buttered in Switzerland, he NOW LIVES IN PARIS, caught in the trap laid by professional disturbers of the peace. — ‘At the Art Galleries,’ Brooklyn Eagle, October 22, 1939

[2] ‘Irish Bar,’ watercolor.
[3] Vanity Fair, February 1922.
[4] ‘Times Square,’ woodcut.
[5] Capitale, April 20, 1935.
[6] First of 66 cuts.
[18] Passionate Journey, 1919.
[19] Passionate Journey.
[20] Passionate Journey.



  1. Never saw his paintings or drawings before. They're fine but surprisingly weak (dated?) compared to his perfect woodcuts.