Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lichty Cartoons

1 [1961] Detail from Grin and Bear It by Lichty, Sunday page
CARTOONS by George Maurice Lichtenstein (1905-83) who presented himself as ‘Geo. M. Lichty’, signing his work ‘Lichty’ — with the dot on the ‘i’ as a small circle.
2 [1947] Modern Screen (advertisement)
3 [1947] Modern Screen (advertisement)
4 [1947] Modern Screen (advertisement)
5 [1948] Modern Screen (advertisement)
6 [1961] Grin and Bear It, in Vancouver Sunday Sun, Sept. 17
7 [1961] Grin and Bear It, in Winnipeg Free Press, August 5
8 [1961] Most of Lichty’s work of this period is inked with a lush brush (detail from Grin and Bear It page)
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  1. One of my favourites is a lone client in a bar, drawn in the late sixties, who asks the barman: "Do you think that life as we know it exists in other bars?"