Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Views on Krazy Kat Herriman

1 [1930s] Summer Ritual. Daughter Toots Herriman dancing on the beach with father George.
‘No country has produced, in the narrow limits of this medium, a fantastic philosopher such as George Herriman. Herriman’s work is curiously distinguished; I can find no precedent either for its kind of invention or its graphical style. To an extreme sensibility of touch, a wistful ironic humour, he adds something more — some subtle understanding of human susceptibility of which he alone, beside Chaplin, is possessed.’ — Paul Nash, in The Week-end Review, London 1931

NASH. British illustrator, war artist, woodcut revivalist, painter and art critic Paul Nash (b.1889) paid his first visit to the US in 1931. He had a lot in common with Krazy Kat author George Herriman (b.1880), ‘the geometric order of nature’ was just one of his interests. The Week-end Review — subtitled: “of Politics, Books, The Theatre, Art and Music” — was a successful little London paper edited by Gerald Reid Barry, published in 1930-34.

3 [1922] Krazy Kat Herriman – Loves His Kittens, by T.E. Powers.
4 [1930s] Helloi Lady! We’re here to interview you! Original Herriman color drawing of the Krazy Kat cast.
5 [1944] Comedy or Drama or — Opera. This Krazy Kat comic strip is published Wednesday April 26, the day after Herriman died.
6 [1944] The Cop said Go. But due to the advance stock, the very last Krazy Kat daily strip appeared on June 3, and the very last Sunday page on June 25.
Rick Marschall
Heritage Auctions
Bill Greenwell

Marc Voline
[3] The 1922 strip about  Herriman wearing a flat straw hat — a skimmer — was found by Rick Marschall and included in his book series The Komplete Kolor Krazy Kat (1990). 

[1] The photo of Herriman in the same hat comes from a book by Patrick McDonnell, Karen O’Connell and Georgia Riley de Havenon, Krazy Kat; The Comic Art of George Herriman (1986).

[2] The Paul Nash quote from a 1931 issue of the Week-end Review comes from the reprinted text in the New York Sun, August 19, 1931, where Nash’s article is titled ‘American Comics, a Foreign Appraisal of the Masters of Humorous Pencils’. Read more about the Week-end Review in Bill Greenwell’s satirical poetry project HERE.

[4] The original color drawing of the Krazy Kat cast was auctioned on August 27, 2015, by Heritage Auctions — ‘The World’s Largest Collectibles Auctioneer’ — see HERE.

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