Sunday, May 22, 2016

‘Now Listen Mabel’ — by Herriman

“I still think that George is one of the best sporting artists in the world, and can’t understand why he doesn’t do that sort of thing.” Tad Dorgan, in a letter to Tom McNamara, ca. 1924   

GEORGE HERRIMAN’s comic strip Now Listen Mabel began in January 1919 and ran until December 1919. These samples are likely from a second circulation and all were published in the month of January 1920. Pretty Mabel Millarky was wooed by Jimmie Doozinberry who had a rival large number of suitors including Doodal McDoodil and the entire small town police and fire departments.

Mabel and George Herriman
Herriman’s childhood sweetheart was Mabel Bridge, who he married in 1902, just after he had relocated from Los Angeles to New York. One of his daughters was also named Mabel and was known as “Toodles” or “Toots.”

[16] Los Angeles Evening Herald, Sep 30, 1912
[18] [1930s] Toodles or Toots. Photo of daughter Mabel in a beach dance with father George Herriman.


  1. They don't appear to be late runners -- the lettered dates appear to be intact and original. Therefore, the strip lasted into January 1920. Could you tell the paper in which these were printed? Thanks, Allan

  2. Really? That's interesting. San Diego Evening Tribune - found on Let me know if you find more information.