Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Return of NEMO: The Classic Comics Library

“A run of Nemo’s is an education in the history and aesthetics of cartooning in the 20th century.” — A Farewell from The Publishers

Nemo: The Classics Comics Library made its startling debut in June 1983, published by Fantagraphics Book by Gary Groth, edited by Rick Marschall, designed by Art Director Peppy White, with Contributing Editors Tom Andrea, Bill Blackbeard, Ron Goulart, Jay Maeder and Donald Phelps. Nemo ran for 32 issues — the last two as a double issue dated January/Winter 1992 — plus one annual, Screwball Comics, in 1985.

In the first thirty issues Nemo published “a breathtaking amount of the best cartooning the world has ever seen. Frank King. George Herriman. E.C. Segar. Winsor McCay. J.R. Williams. Gluyas Williams (no relation). Harry J. Tuthill. Franklin Booth. Carl Barks. Floyd Gottfredson. Clare Briggs. Harold Gray. George McManus. Gustave Verbeek. Charles Dana Gibson. James Montgomery Flagg. Frank Willard. Joseph Clement Coll. Chester Gould. Alex Raymond. Jack Kent. Percy Crosby. John Held, Jr. Jimmy Swinnerton. Rube Goldberg. Garrett Price. Ferd Johnson. Even Norman Rockwell. And Let us not forget William Faulkner. It’s a list that would make the most blasé swoon.”

from Rick Marschall:

A brief announcement to share here. For 32 issues, Nemo: The Classic Comics Library was a magazine that pioneered the study and appreciation of vintage comics and cartoons, and related forms of art and culture. For some people, including working cartoonists of the day, it was more than study and appreciation... it was, by testimonies of letters, conversations, and response I still receive, a journal of DISCOVERY too.

NEWS FLASH. This news flash is to let you know that Nemo is returning. I return as Editor; Fantagraphics will be Publisher; among the large editorial and creative team, many already on board, are John Adcock, who has piloted the splendid online magazine Yesterday’s Papers (and will continue); and Jon Barli, my partner at Rosebud Archives and Art Director of a recent Comics Journal monster.

And, as if Rick Marschall’s announcement was not enough “startling” news to digest, Fantagraphics publisher Gary Groth has just announced that The Comics Journal will also be coming back in the old print format. Read all about it HERE.

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  1. This is truly excellent news, as is the return of the print version of the Journal.