Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Self-portrait of F. Morris Howarth

Self-portrait of F. Morris Howarth from American Caricature and Comic Art by La Touche Hancock in The Bookman, Vol. XVI, September 1902-1903.

“The method I use in doing my work,” he confesses, “is absolutely mechanical. I go about it in just the same manner as any mechanic does in working out a piece of work in his own trade. Inspirations of any kind seldom, if ever, come to me, therefore I have schooled myself to sit down and grind out my jokes and ideas in much the same way as a miller does his flour. If I wish a joke on any subject I dig at it until I find it. Incidents in real life seldom appeal to me in a humorous manner. I have written thousands of jokes and concocted thousands of humorous situations, but few have ever emanated from events coming under my direct observation.”

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