Thursday, July 23, 2020

Notes on the American News Company 3 –

But to come back to the actual workings of the American News Company, who’s periodical and book departments have already been briefly considered. In addition to these two central departments of distribution, the Company operates along most of the railroad systems in the United States as the Union News Company, which controls the hawkers on trains, the big terminal stands, and even restaurants.

For the import and export trade in periodicals and books it has the International News Company; and to take care of such districts as may not be fed by its system of dealers (newsstands are of course a distinctly urban feature, and by far the largest part of the trade) it has established a mail order house known as the New York Publishing Company, which circularizes possible customers and fills orders for the books of all publishers. (The Company claims that 93% of the orders handled are filled within 34 hours." And finally, as a part of its distribution- economy, the Company edits and prints a monthly catalogue of books.  R. Betty Braverman; ‘American News Company’, 1934 

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