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Stanley Armstrong –

Stanley Armstrong, 

Slim Jim, May 5, 1923


Editor & Publisher, August 20, 1949

To The Editor: I am going to ask a special favor that you carry a notice of the death of my dear friend Stanley Armstrong. He died on March 10, 1949 at his home in San Francisco.

Stanley Armstrong started with World Color Printing Co. in 1910 and we discontinued "Slim Jim" in 1932. He also drew "Bos'n Bill," a similar character.

A great deal of Armi's life was spent on the high seas and in foreign countries. He told me one time that he never took a drawing lesson but acquired the art by drawing portraits of men aboard ship. He was a kindly man and quick and easy to make friends and they were lasting friends.

His wife passed on about four years ago. Since the departure of his wife Armi had been living on his ranch in California. Armi was 73 years old at the time of his death. He worked for no other syndicate than the World Color Printing Co.

RS Grable, President

World Color Printing Co.

St. Louis, Mo.


  1. A valuable puzzle piece. I am planning a complete history of Slim Jim (going back to Circus Solly) and this news is important. Grable, by the way was Robert Sterling Grable, and in WCP's early days, when cartoonists traded off pages or subbed for each other, the name "Sterling" was often signed -- his middle name, for a strange, and it would seem useless, reason!

  2. I'm sorry to say that I have nothing to give you, but I want to encourage your efforts to do a history of Slim Jim. It is one of my favourite of the "obscure" strips, and I would love to know more about it, and see more examples. Please be sure to keep us all informed!
    — Katherine Collins //