Friday, December 9, 2022

Juniper Junction –

Juniper Junction was a long running Canadian institution. It begun running in the twenties in the Toronto Star as a one-panel gag titled Lifes Little Comedies then Birdseye Center. The artist, Jimmy Frise, moved the strip from the Star Weekly to the Montreal Standard in 1947 where it ran in full color (as Juniper Junction) and was even syndicated in the U.S. market. Frise died of a heart attack June 13, 1948 and Doug Wright inherited the strip. When the Montreal Standard canceled the color comic Doug Wright was offered a new berth at the Family Herald, a farm magazine which had been running the Standards Juniper Junction in b&w atop Fred HarmonRed Ryder Sundays. Read and see more images HERE.

Top image Editor & Publisher, April 19, 1947
BELOW: Feb 13, 1934 advertisement


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