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Gaspard Fauteux, founding president of the Raoul-Barré Foundation and grandson of the Quebec multidisciplinary artist Raoul Barré, is proud to announce that in order to worthily celebrate the 150th birth anniversary (January 29, 1874) of the painter and pioneer of animated film, the Foundation will award an annual grant of $10,000 starting in the fall of 2024. The recurring grant aims to reward a project in order to support its development and completion.

The Foundation aims to be a development agent to encourage research and creation in the different artistic disciplines in which Barré has been interested throughout his career, particularly animated films and comic strips. This grant is in addition to assistance amounting to $4,000 per year over five years, for the holding of the” Sommets du cinéma d’animation,” an international festival dedicated to animation in all its forms. Under this agreement, the award for best Canadian student film is now known as the Raoul-Barré Prize.

Gaspard Fauteux founder of the Raoul Barré Foundation mentions 

“Otto Messmer, creator of Felix the Cat, remembers some of his prophecies which in 1914, fifteen years before the advent of sound and eight years before that of color, could only have passed for futuristic daydreams. "Barré once offered a big dinner to the animation filmmakers. It was the only time that all the animators from New York were together. Until then each studio remained in its own corner. At dessert they forced him to make a speech. Although cartoons were still in its very early stages. Barré predicted that they would soon speak and use sound effects. The entire audience burst into loud laughter. Everyone thought that he must have been completely crazy to imagine that. He even added that the cartoons would all be in color. And everyone still started laughing at this idea as if it were a crazy dream. all this was achieved relatively quickly.

John Harbour, Doctoral student in cinema at Laval University Member of the board of directors of the Raoul Barré Foundation mentions


“Raoul Barré can be a source of inspiration and, above all, motivation for Quebec filmmakers. Indeed, if being a French-speaking person in a predominantly English-speaking country can represent a difficulty and can sometimes be a source of discouragement, Barré showed (like Xavier Dolan or Monia Chokri in contemporary times) that it was possible to go as far as our dreams allow us and that imagination and talent are two notions that know no boundaries. »


Raoul Barré was born January 29th 1874 in Montreal. He led a career as a painter until the end of his days, some of his paintings being today kept in prestigious institutions. He made his debut in caricature and illustration in various Quebec newspapers in 1894. Also a cartoonist, he published “Pour un dinner de Noël” in La Presse (1902), the first Quebec comic strip published in a major newspaper, and the series Les contes by Father Rhault in La Patrie du Samedi (1906-1908). However, it is as a pioneer of American animated cinema that he is most recognized internationally today. Indeed, Barré settled in the United States in the early 1910s and founded one of the very first animation studios in the world in New York. There he directed and produced several animated short films from the series Animated Grouch Chasers (1915-1916), Phables (1916) and Mutt and Jeff (1916-1920). He briefly reappeared in the animated film industry around 1926-1927 to work at Pat Sullivan's studio on the Felix the Cat series. He died in 1932.


The Raoul-Barré Foundation's mission is to ensure the sustainability of the legacy of the artist Raoul Barré by contributing in particular to the development of knowledge about cinema, comics, painting and caricature. Painter, illustrator, filmmaker and cartoonist, Raoul Barré marked the beginning of the 20th century with his innovative ideas. The spirit of this versatile artist will thus be able to influence the young animation directors of tomorrow.

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