Friday, June 6, 2008

Frank Beck (1893-1962)

Frank Beck (1893-1962) created the daily comic strip "Gas Buggies," later called "Hem and Amy (1922-40)," then "Bo" (1940-56) about a dog. He drew a Sunday-panel called "Down the Road" (1920-36) and another called "All in a Lifetime." His influences show clearly in "Gas Buggies;" H. T. Webster, Clare Briggs, and J. R. Williams. Jimmy Hatlo (1897-1963) the sports cartoonist who created "They'll Do It Every Time in 1929" owes a lot to Frank Beck.

(Top cartoon 30 Nov 1936 McClure Syndicate)

April 1928

8 May 1928


  1. You've no doubt seen the Gas Buggies serial from 1926-1927 where Hem and Amy are trying to figure out how to make a million off a compressed air car. Why was he so fascinated about this topic? Do you know someone who is a Frank Beck expert that could answer this question for me?

    1. Hi Scott.... I am Frank Beck's granddaughter Tracey Ryan. He just loved cars. He had a lot of style and a terrific sense of humor>> I am on Facebook....Tracey Read-Ryan. My email is:

  2. I have 14 original type written letters full of cartoon in the margins. The letters date from 1917 and were written to my maternal grandmother.

    My family has little interest and they letters need a loving home.

    Anybody want to buy them?


  3. HI. I found them. Al