Monday, February 2, 2009

Passing of the American Comic

The Passing of the American Comic, The Bookman Vol. 22, Sept 1905. I had always supposed that the first American comic journal was the Yankee Doodle, instead it was The Pictorial Wag from New York comic almanack publisher Robert H. Elton.

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  1. Fascinating article. Actually, the "Stanley Hunter" referred to as the editor of Drake's was Stanley Huntley. The entire time Huntley was involved the journal was called "Drake's Traveller's Magazine" (yes it was spelled that way). Benjamin Northrop, who edited the magazine after Huntley's death, was a good friend of his, and he took Huntley to visit Sitting Bull at his hotel room when the great chief was in New York with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in early 1885. Sitting Bull at the time confirmed that Huntley did indeed interview him in the Montana wilderness back in 1879, which was seriously doubted by members of the press familiar with Huntley.

    Kate Sanborn, who edited Galaxy for a while after Twain left, wrote a fascinating book in the 1880s called "The Wit of Women" spotlighting the many accomplished American women humorists of the day.