Saturday, March 21, 2009

“L’été Noir” by Jean-Claude Claeys

“L’é té Noir” (Black Summer) by Jean-Claude Claeys

This haunted masterpiece of Grand Guignol and film noir appeared in the French magazine LES NOUVELLES 16-22 February 1984 and ran four pages per month until the finish in April 1984. As the journalist has it -- “Atmosphè re, atmosphè re,” -- and plenty of gratuitous violence sex and nudity.

Jean-Claude Claeys was born in Paris in 1951 and his work has been published in Metal Hurlant and Hitchcock magazine. His first graphic album was Whiskey’s Dream (1977), featuring the private eye Jonathan Foolishburry. Over 150 of his murderous illustrations adorn the covers of Neo Publishing’s roman noir libraries.

The beginning...

The middle...

The end...

*For further investigation of the photo-realistic world of
Jean-Claude Claeys visit his website HERE.

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