Thursday, March 26, 2009

Men of Comics

Men of Comics by William E. Berchtold from New Outlook, New York, April 1935.

Potted biographies of Harold Gray, George McManus, Sidney Smith, Bud Fisher, Elzie Segar, Ham Fisher, Harold Foster, Rex Maxon, Chester Gould, Alex Raymond, George Herriman, Fontaine Fox, Frank Willard, Billy DeBeck, Noel Sickles, Gene Ahern, Arthur H. Folwell, Percy Crosby, Frank King, Carl Ed, Otto Soglow, Sol Hess, W.A. Carlson, and Men in General.


  1. Fascinating article. I was surprised to find Noel Sickles here. I knew he was highly regarded by other comics pros, but I didn't think "Scorchy Smith" had made a big enough splash to be mentioned in an article like this.

    Funny, too, that Caniff was just getting started with what would prove to be the Golden Age of "Terry." Wouldn't be long before "Dickie Dare" was completely forgotten.

  2. If you can find more Berchtold essays about comics please post them. He seems to be very knowledgeable about their history and discerning about the cartoonists.
    I also was happily surprised to see Sickles included. The Folwell entry seems to be included as a counterpoint to all the successes.