Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Martyrs of Secularism

The Society for the Suppression of Vice. Darkness and Daylight. 4th Volume of London Labour and the London Poor, Bracebridge Hemyng, 1861 >

“In the year 1802, when immorality had spread more or less all over Europe, owing to the demoralizing effects of the French Revolution, a society was formed, called “The Society for the Suppression of Vice,” of which it’s secretary, Mr. Wilberforce, thus speaks :--

“The particular objects to which the attention of this Society is directed are as follow, viz.--

“1. The prevention of the profanation of the Lord’s day.
“2. Blasphemous publications.
“3. Obscene books, prints, etc.
“4. Disorderly Houses.
“5. Fortunetellers.

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