Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tribulations of a Special Correspondent

Five Victorian Comics contributed by 
E. M. Sanchez-Saavedra

The Adventures of a Newsboy, 
Ballou's Dollar Monthly Magazine, 
December 1869

Barney the Bachelor,
and His Christmas Pudding, 
Boys of England, 
Dec 11 1868

The Tribulations of a
Special Correspondent, 
Boys of England, 
Nov 20 1868

The Tribulations of a 
Special Correspondent Part 2,
Boys of England,
Nov 27 1868

Sam Sly's Comic Picture Gallery, 
The City Clerk in the Country--He Tries his hand at Churning,
Boys Comic Journal,
Sept 25 1886 

*Most of the Sam Sly's Gallery series consisted of American reprints of Frederick Burr Opper's cartoons from Puck.

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  1. In Brazil, Angelo Agostini (born in Portugal), made "As Aventuras de Nhô-Quim" (the adventures of Nhô-Quim), in 1860's.