Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Un Torpedista Yankee

Spanish cartoonist
Date unknown 

UPDATE: by Yesterday's Papers resident military historian E. M. Sanchez-Saavedra: 

The Spanish strip has an internal clue to its date: the presence of Admiral William Thomas Sampson (erroneously titled "Commodore"). 

Sampson (1840-1902) was given the temporary rank of Vice Admiral on March 26, 1898, when he assumed command of the North Atlantic Squadron. His forces conducted the blockade and crushing victory over Adm. Cervera's fleet off Santiago, July 3, 1898. Sampson was not present during the battle, but was onshore at a strategy meeting with Gen. Shafter. 

Sampson's official report neglected to credit Rear Admiral Winfield Scott Schley, commanding the Flying Squadron, with the actual naval triumph, which led to some major problems in the Navy Department. "The Yankee Torpedo-ist" probably dates from mid-1898.

Contributed by Andy Konkykru 


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