Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Leading Figures in American Journalism – 1917

–Billy DeBeck and Rudolph Block sail for Europe, Editor and Publisher, April 15, 1922–

Leading Figures in American Journalism
The Editor & Publisher
 for October 27, 1917

[1] Col. James Elveson, JR, Robert R. McCormick, V.S. McClatchy

[2] Frank A. Munsey, James Gordon Bennett, WM. Randolph Hearst, James Keeley

[3] Ralph Pulitzer, Lieut. Joseph Medill Patterson, Don C. Seitz

[4] Arthur Brisbane, Franklin P. Adams, Rudolph Block

[5] F.B. Opper, Grace Drayton, Maurice Ketten, Tom McNamara, Gene Carr, Thomas A. Dorgan, Winsor McCay

[6] Miss Hallmark, Rose O'Neill, Frank A. Eaton, Sara Moore

[7] Charles M. Graves, Sam T. Hughes, Moses Koenigsberg

[8] Rudolph Dirks, George McManus, Gus Mager, Clare Briggs, Grantland Rice

[9] R.F. Outcault, Walter Hoban, Harry Hershfield, J.N. Wheeler, J. Campbell Cory

[10] Bud Fisher, Walter R. Allman, Dan Smith, Cliff Sterrett, C.H. Wellington

[11] Nixola Greeley Smith, Ada Patterson, Mary Pickford, Fontaine Fox

[12] Rube Goldberg, James Swinnerton, Tom Powers, Helen Rowland, Jay N. Darling. Jean Knott


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  1. Thank you! What a great resource. So many of my old drinking buddies… no, actually a little before my time. But I know most of them vicariously! Great find, John!